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About OUR Monastrell vineyards

Our vineyards primarily cultivate the Monastrell grape variety, which thrives in Jumilla due to the soil composition and climate. This ideal location allows the variety to develop its distinct flavor and color, both of which are indicative of exceptional quality. Additionally, our vineyards are home to other varieties that have successfully adapted to the regional conditions. We are currently focused on reviving old Monastrell vineyards in the northern part of the Jumilla region, situated between the Cingla and Peñarubia mountain ranges.


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In southeastern Spain, Monastrell is mainly planted in goblet (bush) form because the shoots have a very upright bearing and therefore it is not necessary to train them. It is also relevant to note that a large amount of vineyard is ungrafted (own-rooted) and where we find vines with more than 70 years of age. 

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Monastrell is a very drought-resistant variety, making it well-suited for dry farming. In fact, it is one of the essential characteristics that make it the queen of the Jumilla DOP, where water is a limited resource that very few grape growers have access to. Climate change, which brings increasingly scarce annual rainfall (less than 300 liters per m2) and longer heat waves, makes the conditions so adverse that only varieties as resilient as Monastrell can survive.

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When we talk about Monastrell, we almost always talk about low-density vineyards due to the Mediterranean climate, which is dry and therefore it is necessary for the vines to have enough space between them to avoid competition between their root systems. On average, in the Jumilla DOP, it usually rains between 200-350 mm per year. This is what determines a low planting frame. It is normal to plant at 2.50 x 2.50, therefore, 1,600 vines per hectare.
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The determining environmental factors for organic farming that benefit our region are the Mediterranean climate, high temperatures, wind, and permeable soils. The Mediterranean climate is characterized by very dry and hot summers, so if it doesn’t rain, there is no moisture and therefore no need to use systemic products. Organic farming does not have an extra cost as in other Designations of Origin, so organic monastrell is an attractive variety due not only to the quality of its wines but also to an affordable price.

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Since 1948 – The history of our bodega is the biography of a family legacy

Nestled in the northeastern region of Murcia, in Jumilla, the original bodega was established by Grandpa Francisco Pacheco in 1948. Starting with a humble home-based wine press, Francisco’s legacy was passed down to Paco Pacheco, father to the Pacheco sisters, who expanded the business. Now in the hands of the third and fourth generations of the Pacheco Family, this young team continues to operate their wine business with the same fervor as their ancestors. They skillfully blend tradition with innovation, leveraging the wisdom passed down through generations while incorporating their own modern, pioneering knowledge of winemaking.

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La Casa de los Abuelos

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Special events: music between wines

Especial events: Summer dinners

Especial menus at La Casa de los Abuelos

Discover the origin of our wines, from the vineyards, the winemaking and ageing process to tasting the end product

Our visitors can participate in our story and the extraordinary generational evolution that has made us who we are, and also return to our origins that closes the circle and reunites us with our past.

La Casa de los Abuelos is our culinary space that adds the final touch to our wine tourism experience. Our menus use traditional, classic Jumilla fare with a modern touch, to pair with each one of our monastrell wines.


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